About the Mountain Water System Project

This project is a public/private partnership between Jefferson County Public Service Department and Jefferson Utilities, Inc.


  • Provide improved water flow, pressure, and quality to all customers
    Provide fire hydrants throughout each community
    Reduce leak repairs, maintenace cost, and lost water
    Allow a lifting of the moratoria on new connections in all three communities


  • EPA Grant Award
    Public/Private Partnership Agreement
    Engineering Contract negotiated and signed
    Public meetings in Mountain communities
    Issuance of Health Department Permit
    Issuance of construction NPEDS Permit
    Secure funding
    Public Service Commission Certificate of Convenience and Necessity approval
    Close construction funding
    Bidding construction project
    Award construction contract
    Complete construction
    Project acceptance and closeout

About the Jefferson County Public Service District

The Jefferson County Public Service District was established by the Jefferson County Commission December 1, 1983 and organized exclusively for the purposes set forth in Chapter 16, Article 13A of the Code of West Virginia of 1931, as amended (the "Act".) This section of the Act allows County Commissions to create Public Service Districts outside of municipalities and to empower these Districts to take measures necessary to preserve public health, comfort and convenience to citizenry in designated territories.

About Jefferson Utilities, Inc.

Jefferson Utilities Inc. is stock corporation organized in 1985 to own and operate water utilities in Jefferson County. JUI acquired the Walnut Grove Water System in 1997. Subsequently, JUI acquired seven other systems and started making plans to interconnect all of the systems. The JUI System has continued to grow and become a more dependable utility. We presently server over 2,200 customers and we continue to work to improve the water service we supply to each customer.

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