Concerns & Challenges

An overview of the concerns and challenges is listed below. If you have a question or concern that you would like to share, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or send a comment via the Contact Us page.

I. Water source. The source of water in Westridge is able to serve all three Mountain Systems. There is presently one well in Westridge which can supply water of acceptable quality for the Mountain Systems. This well can only supply 27 GPM, if pumped continually. That is only one half as much water as is presently required. While additional wells can be drilled in Westridge, JUI believes that amore adequate quantity of water of acceptable quality is more readily available from the company's Valley water sources.

II. Crossing the river will cause negative environmental impacts. The crossing under the river will be installed well below the bottom of the river. The construction and operation of the line will have no effect on the river or the fish.
III. Water leaks. Increased water pressure should not cause most customers any problem. While some customers will see a pressure increase, the major change will be more consistent pressure. In homes with very old plumbing or galvanized piupe, there may be some minor leaks that will need to be addressed, but the improvement of the entire system will be vastly more noticeable and important to the community than this short term inconvenience to a few.
IV. Not enough water in the river. The water intended to be supplied to the Mountain Communities will come from JUI's existing wells in the Valley.

If you have any questions about the Mountain Water System Project, please Ask a Question through this form.

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