Schedule & Funding

Project Phases

The dates provided are only estimates.

StepApproximate Date
Start Search for Funding for Public/Private Project July 2008
1st IJDC Project Application Submission February 2009
Signing of Public/Private Partnership Agreement May 2009
2nd IJDC Project Application Submission November 2009
Award of Engineering Contract September 2009
Design Begins September 2009
Begin Right of Way Acquisitions September 2009
Submission of Project Plans and Specs to BPH, OEHS January 2010
Submission of Project Plans, Culture and History, Corp of Engineers, and DEP January 2010
Approval of Project Plans and Specifications March 2010
Submittal of Application for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity to WVPSC March 2010
Advertisement for Bids June 2010
Opening of Bids July 2010
PSC Final Order on Certificate of Convenience and Necessity August 2010
Awarding of Contracts September 2010
Loan Closing September 2010
Commencement of Project Construction October 2010
Completion of Project Construction December 2010
Project Closeout February 2011


Utility Project Process in West Virginia


1. Utility Board confers with engineer, arrives at preferred option for funding application to the W. Va. Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council (IJDC), and approves application at utility board meeting.

2. Application to IJDC for funds with Preliminary Engineering Report (PER); IJDC meetings publicly noticed in State Register.

3. IJDC recommends proposed funding, if any.

4. If funding approval received, utility directs engineer to commence final design work

5. When final design work completed and funding formally committed, permit applications filed with appropriate agencies, and application for a certificate of convenience and necessity filed with WV Public Service Commission (PSC).

a. Public notice of PSC filing published in local newspaper and sent to customers.

b. PSC hearing, if protests filed.

c. 180 - 225 days for PSC to issue order from date of filing.

6. If PSC approves, close on funding, award bids.

7. Construction.

8. Completion of construction; project related rate increase goes into effect.


List of funding sources

The following document identifies possible funding sources. The information in this document may be updated or changed.


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