I&I stands for infiltration and inflow.  Infiltration can be described as any amount of additional water that enters the collection system by underground sources.  Groundwater entering through damaged pipes, separated pipe connections, faulty seals at lateral connections, fractured manholes and vegetative root intrusion are all contributors to infiltration within the JCPSD system.

Inflow can be described as any amount of additional water that enters the collection system by above-ground sources.  Inflow tends to be directly related to high water events.  Customer clean-outs that are missing cap covers are primarily the main contributors to inflow.  Illegal connections such as a roof leaders or foundation drains connected to service laterals are another form of inflow and will cause a rather large increase in the gallons per day contributed by a customer.


The average customer is anticipated to contribute approximately 150 gallons per day to the system.  Currently, the flow from the JCPSD collection system is being treated by the City of Charles Town’s Waste Water Treatment Plant.  The JCPSD currently pays the City of Charles Town to treat the sanitary flows of metered water usage, which is subject to fluctuation at the city’s request.  With the July 2016 rate increase by the City of Charles Town, the average annual cost to JCPSD for waste water treatment is now approximately $900,000 per year.

Water entering the JCPSD system through infiltration and inflow has the capability to quadruple the flowrate to the sanitary collection system.  More times than not, the pumps located at the pump stations are not capable of handling an increase in load contributed by infiltration and inflow.  When the pump stations fail, customers may experience a back-up of the wastewater into their residence. 


⇒Be aware of the cleanout(s) in your yard.  If the cleanout caps are damaged or missing, please replace them and/or notify the JCPSD.  Cleanout caps should be 4 inch (6 inch in some instances) in size and can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes.  You can also call a local plumber for assistance.  

⇒Do not connect roof leaders, gutters, or foundation drains to the JCPSD sanitary system.  These types of connections are considered to be illegal connections.  Any illegal connections found will result in a financial penalty to the customer that will be determined based on the severity of the situation.